The TOURISM 1 system, integrated with a range of independent resources such as TOURISM WESTERN EUROPE and our TRANS CANADA TOURISM network, is the realization of a decades-old vision.  The design reflects how I prefer to experience local content when making short-list selections:  Direct, relevant, comprehensive and reliablewith a dynamic (mobile-responsive) user interface.  It's all about INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION:  the What, Where, Who and especially Why of travel.  We're less concerned about How and When - although we do list hundreds of options for completing those transactions on our T1 BOOKING site.  

Travel has become an intense commodity, aggressively sold for large commissions by automated mega-billion dollar booking and meta-search engines that have come to dominate the global marketplace.   Yet with the right tools, preparation can still be an enjoyable and convenient part of the adventure - you might even find a unique experience, book directly and save money!

The key factors that we offer are consistency and independence...unrestricted by obligations to external organizations or political boundaries, we're able to include anything that might be of value to users, while avoiding the clutter of random syndicated advertising and disguised sales funnels.   We do not profit from any of the related sales transactions on this site - we are purely a communication channel...keeping everyone's costs down and our integrity clear.  We do our best to provide connections to local experts and operators - it's a whole new level of choice.

International launch is planned for mid-2019 (this is a spare time project on a small budget) ... See below for key elements in that roll-out.  

Be sure to check out our advance participation options - it's almost free (just pennies a day) to enjoy an enhanced role in this adventure...but act soon as placement order is first-come, first-served!

I hope that as the TOURISM SOLUTIONS family evolves it becomes even more fun, useful and human.

Here's to inspiration - enjoy TOURISM USA!               Keith Baldwin (Sooke, BC)

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